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Where can we get resources for protection of  female voters during the voter registration process and at the polling stations?

Are there any educational resources available for female voter registration drive


Dear Ma-Knowo,

Thank you for your query on iKNOW Politics.

First, we would like to thank you for your engagement on iKNOW Politics, it is always nice to engage with our members on queries and questions that they are seeking help with.

Secondly, regarding your question on protection of female voters as well as how to carry out female voter registration drives, I would like to draw your attention to our Consolidated Response on Polling Station Management that considers how polling station management can increase women’s electoral participation. While polling station management offers no quick fix for the low level of women’s electoral participation in some parts of the world, it can make a substantial difference on voting day. It addresses the fact that although in most countries a woman’s right to vote is enshrined in law, leaving no formal legal barriers to the electoral participation of women, in practice, many obstacles still keep women from casting their vote. The hurdles can be daunting, especially for women looking to run for office and for women in post-conflict situations, and are often difficult to overcome. It looks at issues such as security, accessibility, poling station staff and staff training.

Also have a look at our Consolidated Response on Working with Women Candidates and Women Voters During Elections which highlights tools used to empower women candidates, such as providing training, working with political parties, using affirmative action measures, and holding outreach campaigns. The consolidate response also provides several recommendations on how to reach out to women voters before and during elections, proactively engage women in voter registration, and hold voter education campaigns targeting both women and men.

We look forward to your continued participation on iKNOW Politics and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further information and assistance,

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