Federation of Asia-Pacific Women's Association (FAWA) Convention



Federation of Asia-Pacific Women's Association (FAWA) Convention

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 04:00 to Sunday, October 28, 2012 - 04:00

We (FAWA) are very much looking forward to welcoming our delegates to the beautiful island of Guam. Our speakers and workshop committee has taken our theme, of “Empowering Asia-Pacific Women through Knowledge and Opportunities” to heart and shaped a lineup of speakers and workshops that is captivating. Please see the workshop topics section of this newsletter for more details.

During the conference, a plenary session is held where key speakers talk on the different aspects of the theme of the conference. Workshops follow where the participants are given the chance to actively participate in the discussion. Reports of the workshops are presented in the plenary hall. Open-forum provides the democratic exchange of views, and in resolving issues concerning women.

Each country also makes a collated report from their affiliated organizations. This sharing provides opportunity for the other organizations to learn from each other.

Convention Workshop Topics
Women in the Modern World:
a. Trafficking
c. Violence Against
Women/Younger Women/ the Girl Child
Women and Sustainability:
a. Economics
b. Financial Empowerment
c. World Food Crisis
d. Poverty
e. Eco Footprint
f.Earth Charter Initiative
Women's Health Issues:
a. Health Awareness
b. Differential Responses
c. Well Health
d. Heart Disease
e. Cancer
f.Food Choices
g. Nutrition
h. Aging
Women and Education:
a. Leadership
b. Educational Choices
c. Education for What Purposes(s)?
d. War and Peace
e. Religion and Spirituality

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