Executive Membership

I have observed over the years how political parties have found themselves in never ending conflicts because of the manner in which Party Executive Members are consititued. I have been a member of the Women's League too. People elected in these offices are usually engaged /employed elsewhere. These would be highly assertive people, organising meetings, engaging in fundraising activities etc and most of the time they would be using their own personal expenses bcos parties especially opposition parties are not able to get sponsors easily. Sponsors fear victimisation from ruling parties.

My point is that the same Executive Committee Members also often get go into Parliament and even become Ministers. This has way of weakening parties as their attention is then directed to Parliament affairs and/or Ministerial positions. Come election time for new Committee Members, the electors will complain that the previous Executive did not perform, But surprisingly they will be elected once more into positions in the party. THey often are elected for more than three terms(15 years). I had thought that by now a change in the way these elections are conducted will have been reviewed. After all there are many able and capable persons who can be trusted to the jobs. I think that if Members would get paid for those positions, then people would be elected more by merit than by being liked?

I have also observed that politics in Africa particularly are more to satisfy personal economic situations than to to effectively grow national economies. That it is all about me and those I relate to and this says to me that as long as in Africa we have this attitude then the status quo will forever be? And I am concerned that it will take forever to have a new mindset change, or will it ? Global climatic situations, diseases in epidemic proportions are also not heping to minimise poverty and hunger and food insecurity in Africa? Do we therefore forsee a never-changing situation for many more years? Is there good case studies elsewhere in the World for LDC to emulate?