Aarushi koundal
"Only when inspiring stories of women in politics is talked about along with discussions regarding the low downs, can there be increased political awareness among women, resulting in growth of a society as a single entity."Aarushi Koundal is in her final year of graduation, pursuing mass media and mass communication from university of Delhi. There is a wide spectrum of things that interest her, from discussions regarding various international issues to lighters things in life like photography, reading and music. She is always open to learning new things and unlearning a few if required!Author of A ray of hope for women in Indian politics and Taiwan gets its first female president.
Ana Del Valle
"Raising awareness about women’s situation around the world is a something basic  that will allow us to have a better understanding of ourselves, our potential and our goals."Ana Del Valle (Spain) graduated in law and criminology. She has focused her training on European institutions. She has worked in the European External Action Service. She currently works as a project manager with a focus on youth, while teaching an academic course, and also doing a doctorate in sociology and international relations.La Revolución Femenina de Rojava
“It is not only important for us to open doors and encourage women to take the lead in politics, but it is also important to create safer spaces where they can succeed and thrive as well.” Arezoo is an intersectional feminist and women in politics and students’ rights activist in Canada. She is a Public Administration and Governance student at Ryerson University. Her works focus on the role of young women and girls in grassroots and institutional politics, as well as the relationship between sexual violence, public safety and women's civic engagement.  Arezoo is the author of Everyday acts of gender-based violence are far too common in politics. 
Ashkaf Sial
"Women constitute half of the population in the world,but unfortunately are often kept at bay from political empowerment and decision making. iKNOW politics is a tool for marginalized sections to take part in political process around the globe."Ashfak currently works as a youth program specialist in Pakistan. He worked for an international funding agency for flood affected regions; particularly in the Southern and Northern regions of the Sindh province where he became aware of the marginalization of women. The devastating flood unmasked the dirty picture of poverty, injustice and indifferent attitude of government towards women. Ashfak also writes for national and international Blogs, journals and newspapers. Ashfaq focuses on women’s empowerment through parliament but has also written about Honor Killings, Gender Based Violence, Sexual harassment, Early child Marriage and Child abuse.Ashfak has interviewed Saniyah Naz, Member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly for iKNOW Politics
Aswath Komath
Ashwath Komath is a graduate in Political Science and is currently preparing for his Civil Services Exams to hopefully join the Indian Foreign Service some day. He was born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates and currently resides in Bangalore, India and is passionate about international relations, foreign policy, diplomacy and aviation. He writes for various blogs such as the Indian Economist and the Intellectual Post on various international issues such as security, public policy, current events and the like. He is a fan of foreign cinema and documentaries and thoroughly enjoys reading non-fiction.Authored: The Patriarchal Barrier to Women in PoliticsWhy didn't the Arab Spring translate into gained political rights for women in the Middle EastOn Scrutiny and representation of women in politicsCan women wage war?Rebuilding the Gates for Women in Politics
Asmaa ElSayed
Because women can change history if they have the right to speak and enough courage to take political action regardless of their society's stereotypes.Authored: المرأة العربية ومشاركتها البرلمانية مشاركة المرأة السعودية في الحياة السياسية حق المرأة في الترشح دور المرأة فى السلام و الامن تطور وضع المرأة السعودية فى الحياة السياسية‎  Asmaa El Sayed grew up in Alexandria, Egypt. she studied Law at Faculty of Law, Alexandria University graduated in 2011. During her years at Faculty of Law she has attended a course in Translation of Maritime and Aviation Contracts and Documents, International Commercial Arbitration Course and Diplomatic and Consular relation Course.  Although she has finished a Diploma in Public Law and she'll finished her second Diploma in Arbitration this winter. She hopes to work in an International Organization that makes the world a better place.


Bhumi Shah
"iKNOW Politics is a significant platform where the discussions of women activists and women's social movement participation are being discussed to exemplify the panoptic issues that women are working on to rectify and as well as the challenges and achievements. iKNOW Politics, a voice of prodigious talents."Bhumi Shah is a United Nations Online Volunteer based in Ahmedabad, India. By profession she is an Education Adviser (Overseas) and by passion she is a writer, an avid reader and deeply committed to community engagement (social) work, through which she has developed an interest in Social Entrepreneurship. She works voluntarily for different nonprofit foundations that focus on the quality education for the under privileged and women empowerment. She believes what Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Her short story (fiction) "Echoes of the Silence" was published by Estrade Magazine in December 2013 issue. Interviewed: Kirthi Jayakumar, Founder of the Red Elephant Foundation for women's rights                    Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere, Independent researcher and academic


Carmen Sanchez
“…because I believe that women must be the driving force and the voice behind their own change.”Born in Granada, Spain, in 1988, she graduated in Law and has a master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Barcelona. In Barcelona, she specialized in legal terminology; she has worked as a teacher and has worked with various non-governmental organizations dedicated to the integration of immigrants. She has focused on foreign women’s empowerment in Spain through education and raising awareness on their status in their countries of origin.Carmen interviewed Meriem Bribri and Maria Jose Jimenez. 
Coryn Grange
iKNOW Politics is a powerful tool that not only fosters intelligent discussion between women and men across the world, but also furthers the importance of empowering women. Advocating for increasingly politically active women is essential for advancing women’s rights and overall a more egalitarian society.I am from New York and have lived in the United States my whole life. I am also a recent college graduate who majored in political science and minored in English. This, as well as my interest in women’s issues and international affairs, explains why I enjoy writing for iKNOW Politics! After recently finishing volunteering for a political campaign, I hope to continue working in politics and one day work in Washington D.C.The link between women’s economic and political empowermentParticipation of young women in Politics (as politicians, social activists, bloggers etc.)  


"It is inconceivable to have progress without the involvement of half the population. We must accelerate the pace of change. We have a responsibility to act here, now, today!"Darine BenAmara has gained both professional and volunteer experiences in International Development and the Business and Marketing realms in Europe, Africa and Canada. She is involved with UN Women Canada, and most recently working as Women’s Rights Program Assistant for a Canadian organization. Having a versatile education background, she has served in various functions, supporting women’s political campaigns. Darine has a Master’s degree in Applied Policy and International Relations from the University of Sherbrooke (Quebec. Canada).