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[Contribution posted by iKNOW Politics on behalf of Maissan Hassan, Programs Manager of the Women and Memory Forum in Egypt]


-What can be done to build political will for women and men parliamentarians to engage equally in oversight of gender equality issues?

Collaborative work between feminist groups, civil society organizations and the national machinery is needed to educate and motivate women and men parliamentarians on pressing gender equality issues in Egypt.  

-Where caucuses of women parliamentarians exist, have they provided effective in building cross-party support for work on gender equality? To what extent have they been able to engage with government and hold it to account?

Cross-party support has been taking place in spaces facilitated by civil society organizations. While new results have not been achieved yet, many of the 87 women parliamentarians show interest in supporting gender equality issues.   

-How extensively does parliament engage women’s groups outside parliament to support monitoring progress and setbacks with regard to gender equality? What the opportunities to strengthen these partnerships?

Women's groups initiate most of the collaboration with the parliament. The large number of women parliamentarians and diversity in their age groups might allow for further collaboration with feminist and women's groups.  

-To what extent are parliamentarians supported in undertaking gender-sensitive oversight training, staff, and budgets?

Less than two months have passed since the first session of the parliament was held on January 10th 2016. The National Council for Women and several NGOs have been providing support in different forms to the women parliamentarians. This support will hopefully materialize into concrete achievements in the future.

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