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This is a very good platform for us to share our work on women in politics. In Uganda we have case studies which are working well of course with some challenges but noticeable achievements are there. The Ugandan Parliament passed the Public Finance Act which has a provision for a gender equity certificate which is issued to ministries and sectors that show compliance to gender in their budgets before they are passed by parliament. Every year budgets are scrutinized for their compliance to this requirement. 

So far this is working out well but there is a challenge of inadequate capacity of the members of parliament to analyze these budgets from a gender perspective. UN women however has supported partners to work with MPs on developing tools for analysis and also building their capacity.

On monitoring gender sensitive legislation the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) with support from different development partners is involved in constituency out reaches to monitor how the legislation are working out and also sensitizing communities on these laws. This has also worked out well and many times measures have been put in place to address the gaps. 

Lastly as a country I would say there is political will to promote gender equality although we still have gender bills that have stagnated for so long. 


Agripinner Nandhego

Programme Specialist;

Political Participation and Leadership

UN Women  Uganda


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