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Violence against women in politics is a by product of long social systemic structure of patriarchy, and such violence in all its forms is not confined to politics but to the wider public space, where the power dynamic will transform the socio cultural political themes and structure, and will bring to the fore new power dynamic and cognitive structures of women in the society. To combat violence in politics and in all public domains, robust and comprehensive approach need to be employed, starting from transforming views and ideas on women's contribution in our society and by placing women as human beings within our social, political, economic structures.
Political office, gives women wide range of opportunities to impact decision making process and to positively contribute to the course of political development, however, women's styles, needs, experiences might differ from the male oriented structure and experiences we witnessed for so long, entering a new domain for women, will not be without challenges and resistance, until we reach a point where women occupying high profile positions in politics and public space being normalized and respected.
To face up to such challenges and violence in politics, a solid accountability measures need to be well in place, beside the commitment from all fellow politician to acknowledge the role presence and contribution of women, as imperative to build a healthy and prosperous society, free from stigmas, stereotypes and exclusion. Moreover with the political sphere it is important to build solid democratic institutions that are able to preserve people's rights and in particular women's rights, hence fair election roles, and affirmative measure to secure women's inclusion in politics, wide system of building capacities, awareness and informing on issues of human rights and women's rights. There is a need to transform our societies by impacting the socio-culture structure and by producing positive images about women, and changing the mind sets, and challenging and unpacking patriarchy. There is still a long road through the way to build a healthy inclusive society for women, and the contribution of men in the process is as its utmost importance. The legal system can play a positive role in protection of individuals from all forms of violence and in particular in protecting women. Nonetheless, women will continue marching towards equality, inclusiveness and will be able to build strong front that transforms our world.

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