Advocacy & Lobbying

Advocacy & Lobbying

Advocacy and lobbying are effective tools for gender advocates, male champions, civil society, and other stakeholders to hold leaders accountable to their commitments on concrete, measurable actions that guarantee women can fully and equally enjoy their rights. These include the ability to exercise freedom and choices, go to school, live free from violence, earn equal pay for equal work, and meaningfully engage in decision-making and political processes. Advocacy groups can collectively put pressure their leaders for legislative reforms to protect and promote women’s rights and concerns, which may require coalition-building, fundraising, civic education, awareness-raising and consensus-building on key issue platforms. Influencing legislation itself may require lobbying to convince policy makers and legislators to address specific issues relevant to gender equality and women’s empowerment, which may involve introducing or revising legislation and policy.


International IDEA's International Women's Day 2018 Series: Why #MeToo...
By Brechtje Kemp and Adina Trunk 2017 was the year of hashtag-protests and few others dominated the debate more than #MeToo. Making waves far beyond Hollywood, Time magazine named The...
International IDEA's International Women's Day 2018 Series: A constitu...
By Annamari T. SalonenWomen in Myanmar are facing many challenges as a result of traditional perceptions, institutional barriers, and societal norms. These challenges range from a lack of...
International IDEA's International Women's Day 2018 Series: The Global...
By Adina TrunkNovember 2017 saw the launch of International IDEA’s Global State of Democracy report, which provided a global health check on democracy, both from a long and short-term perspective....
Malawi: Involve women in decision-making
Lilongwe — Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi, Kikkan Haugen has challenged political parties in the country to provide conducive environment for women participation in decision making positions.He was...
Syria is devastated. Where are the women?
(CNN) - From their leadership in securing the recent peace accord in Colombia to their contributions to the 1998 agreement ending 20-plus years of conflict in Northern Ireland, to Liberia and to the ...
Five reforms still needed to ensure women are fairly represented in politics
The Representation of the People Act 1918 was undoubtedly a significant step forward for women’s rights and democracy.It gave the to vote to around 8.5million women previously disenfranchised and...
Lebanon Campaigns for More Women in Parliament
BEIRUT — In a country where women occupy only three percent of the parliament seats, Lebanon's first women's affairs minister — a man — is supporting a campaign to attract more women politicians...
Women supported to campaign in Tonga
The head of Tonga's Civil Society Forum says getting more women into parliament is everyone's responsibility and it is time for more gender balance in Tongan politics.Siale 'Ilolahia says the early...
Pacific Islands Forum leader plans more effort to help women as leaders
The secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum Dame Meg Taylor wants to put more effort into empowering women leaders. The PACNEWS agency reports Dame Meg, whose first term in the role...

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