Women’s political participation in electoral processes requires targeted support to overcome gender discrimination. Key strategies for enhancing gender balance in electoral processes include: working with political parties to promote gender sensitive policies and practices to foster women’s leadership; targeted outreach and support for women to register to vote and safely access polling stations; guarantee of protection from election related violence and harassment; the use of quotas and temporary special measures to increase women’s representation; effective technical and financial support to women candidates and political leaders; and engagement of male champions for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

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Gender doesn't matter in Israeli elections, they said. New research proves...
New election questionnaire finds women tend to lean to the left in the voting ballots, but when it comes to diplomacy and security, they're more hawkish than men.Click here to read the full article...
Something is missing in the Israeli election: Women
A male-dominated electoral campaign has highlighted how easily women are kept to the side in Israeli politics.Politicians’ faces are everywhere. On billboards, on fliers, on television.This Israeli...
Indonesia's had gender quotas in parliament for years - why aren't the...
From her home in Jakarta, Permaswari Wardani proudly holds up an intricate hand-drawn comic.It’s her humorous take on what she sees as the wrongs in Indonesian politics today.The 38-year-old...
Lori Lightfoot elected as Chicago’s first black female mayor
CHICAGO — Lori Lightfoot has made history on several fronts after winning Chicago’s mayoral runoff on Tuesday.She will become the city’s first black woman and its first openly gay person to hold the...
Slovakia's 'Erin Brockovich' elected first female president, in r...
When Slovakia's newly elected President Zuzana Caputova -- the country's first ever female head of state -- delivered her acceptance speech on Saturday she immediately set herself apart from the wave...
'I'm ready,' says first transgender candidate for Thai PM
Pauline Ngarmpring thought she would take it slow as she began her new life as a transgender woman after transitioning at the age of 49.Instead, three years on, she is a candidate for Thai prime...
Naveen Patnaik's party to give 33% tickets to women in Lok Sabha elections
Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday announced 33 per cent quota for women in the allocation of Lok Sabha tickets of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) party.Addressing the Women Self Help Group's (SHGs...
Shakti: Gunning for more women in politics in India
A non-partisan collective is targeting the general elections for equal representation of women in Parliament, but the road to gender-just politics is tricky to traverseVinod Rathod of the Delhi...
Estonia looks set for first ever female prime minister
THE republic of Estonia has just had a General Election – and, as has happened in so many countries across Europe, far-right groups have made gains, though not enough to give them power....

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