Political Parties

Political Parties

Enhancing women’s political participation requires commitment and proactive engagement of political parties to integrate women’s perspectives into party platforms, ensure that women have equal and safe access to voting, and that women candidates and their advancement in party structures are supported. This includes: proactive outreach to and training women candidates, active measures to prevent violence against women in politics, and providing equitable access to campaign funds and fundraising support. To act meaningfully on these areas and others, political parties can develop concrete gender equality strategies, reform policies, codes of conduct and practices, and conduct regular gender audits.


Party leader sets goal for 50% of Labour MPs to be women by 2020
Party leader tells committee he backs all-female shortlists and is determined to have 50/50 representation by next election.The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has called for all-female shortlists...
MP Jo Cox honored with program to prepare hundreds of women for political life
The British Labour Party has launched a mentoring program for women to honor the memory of murdered MP Jo Cox. Its goal is to help more than 600 women to enter politics over the next 5 years. Cox...
The Women’s Equality Party takes its place in British politics
Eighteen months ago, the Women’s Equality Party didn’t exist. Now it’s one of the fastest-growing forces in British politics. Phil W. Bayles of Cafe Babel talked to the party's leader Sophie Walker ...
The opposition Democratic Party in Japan Elects First Female Leader
Renho Murata became the first woman to lead the opposition Democratic Party in Japan after winning a leadership contest on September 15, 2016. By winning the leadership contest, Ms. Murata became the...
Moldova takes historic step to promote gender equality in politics
New law mandates minimum 40 per cent women in cabinet and party lists, gives men 14 days paid paternity leave, and prohibits sexist ads and language in media.The Parliament of Moldova recently...
International IDEA holds a workshop series to empower women from nine political...
International IDEA and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) are partnering in supporting the four-year Respect for Women’s Political Rights project. The overall goals...
UNDP is preparing women to contest in the upcoming elections in Bougainville
UNDP has been providing training to 25 aspiring women, offering information on advocacy and lobbying tools, and also a chance to network. To listen to Julie Bukikkun, UNDP Assistant...
Indonesia: a political ground shift for women
Sahanan thought her chance of being elected to the Lampung Provincial Parliament in Indonesia on last year’s parliamentary poll was next to none. Tina Chadarsi, jostling for a district...

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