Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership

While there have been important advances in women’s leadership in politics, as of November 1 2017, women make up only 7.2% of Heads of State and 6.2% Heads of Government. Data on women representatives in local government, including as mayors, heads of villages and towns, is not well collected and analyzed. The adoption of an SDG indicator on women’s representation in local government is a great step forward in tracking progress on gender balance, allowing for the systematic collection and analysis of data on women in local government. Women’s access to and continued role in leadership positions is challenged by a range of barriers, including discriminatory laws and practices, as well as social norms that prescribe traditional roles and attitudes towards women’s participation in leadership and decision-making roles. Proactive gender-equality policies within political parties and local government structures, including quotas and special temporary measures, gender-sensitive approaches to electoral processes, support networks, mentoring, training, and engagement of male champions, can all help promote women’s role in political leadership. 


”Women hold key to transforming politics” in Ghana’
Civil society organisations in good governance promotion in Africa have urged leaders across the continent to prioritise efforts which would increase the participation of women in governance, saying...
USA: 2019's barrier-breaking politicians get to work
On November 6, 125 women were elected to the House, Senate, and governorships. This week, they assume power. Here's what they plan on doing with it.First they marched. Then they ran. And then? They...
Proposed bill sets highest quota for women in Egypt's Parliament's his...
The proposed amendments to the constitution have granted women a fixed quota. If the amendments are approved, women will hold 25 percent of the total parliamentary seats by the power of law. ...
No U.S. state legislature has ever been majority-women — until now
It’s been 20 years, but Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton still remembers the cigar smoke. During her first year as a Nevada state senator in 1999, she heard about a meeting happening in her committee...
How well are women actually represented in Israel’s government?
The steady increase in the percentage of women in Israel’s parliament has not been accompanied by a similar rise in their cabinet representation.In February 1969, Golda Meir was appointed fourth...
UN Women in Moldova launches a political training for women with disabilities
UN Women in Moldova has launched an initiative for the civic and political empowerment of women candidates with disabilities ahead of the 2019 local elections, in partnership with the local ‘...
Liberia: Women brainstorm to increase political participation in Sinoe
A local pro-democracy and women's rights advocacy group working in Southeastern Liberia, the National Institute for Public Opinion (NIPO), has concluded a one-day dialogue on women's political...
Women are pushing to the front of the queue in 2019 Australian Politics
While the Liberal party ties itself in knots over how to get more women into Parliament, a female rebellion is building across the country. Women are determining the circumstances in which they enter...
Malawi: Gender focused CSOs condemn violence against women in politics
Gender Focused Civil Society Organisations have called on government to act on recent acts of violence against politically active women.Non-Governmental Organization’s Gender Coordination Network...

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