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Campaign Management 101 and 102 are comprehensive courses delivering instruction on campaign management for women launching careers in politics as campaign managers. The Campaign Management 101...


About Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator from New York Kirsten E. Gillibrand was first sworn in as United States Senator from New York in January 2009. In November 2012, Gillibrand was...


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This report summarizes the Latin American Index of Fulfilled Commitment (IFC) and includes a measurement of the index from 1995 to 2003 in 18 countries of the region. The information presented in...


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This guide provides information on how to use the internet for legislative research. It provides a list of search engines and websites on topics related to legislature, general research, budgets,...
Guide / Training Material Resource
This manual describes the advantages and disadvantages of holding a public forum. It includes a detailed, step-by-step guide to organizing effective public forums for raising awareness about local...
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Ten years after the start of the western intervention in Afghanistan, Afghan women are facing an uncertain future. Women have strived for and made important gains since the fall of the Taliban in...
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Historically, customs and traditional laws in Africa hindered women's access to education and development, while promoting, to a varying degree, a culture of male dominance across the continent....
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Women in Africa are undeniably participating in the information and communication technology (ICT) revolution and they are doing so in many and varied ways; the changes that the use of these tools...
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This resource highlights action-oriented agreed conclusions on a number of issues, including women in power and decision-making, and institutional mechanism for the advancement of women.


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The Boston Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights was founded with the goal of integrating the study of gender and women into work on human rights, security, and armed conflict.