Women’s Political Representation & Electoral Systems in Canada

Many Canadians are grappling with the prospect of changes to Canada’s First Past the Post electoral system. The current consultation phase represents an enormous opportunity to better understand the limitations and opportunities of electoral systems generally.

This overview generated by Equal Voice articulates the strengths and weaknesses of three categories of electoral systems that are being considered by parties, non-governmental organizations, and the media. It is designed to promote an enhanced understanding among Canadians of what is at stake for women in this process.

Women currently comprise just 26 percent of federal Members of Parliament. Just three of Canada’s 13 premiers are women. Canada ranks 62nd internationally for women’s representation in national Parliaments. As a national, multi-partisan organization, Equal Voice is not in a position to endorse a particular electoral system, however the organization believes in devising a made-in-Canada solution that considers the effects of any and all changes to the political process writ large on women's participation in politics. Click here to access the overview and Equal Voice’s recommendations. 

Equal Voice Canada
Publication year: 
September 2016
Focus areas: 

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