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Picture it: A world without a gender gap; a world where gender equality is a reality for every woman and girl. What would your world look like?

Credit: UN Women

Women, Peace and Security (Resolution 1325)

Established international norms and standards promote the protection of women during armed conflict and their participation in peace and security decision-making. The UN Security Council resolution...

The political participation of youth

The political participation of youth

"I call on the members of the largest youth generation in history to face the challenges and consider what you can do to solve it. To control your destiny and translate your dreams into a better...

Violence Against Women in Politics

As the prominence of women in politics increases, so does the incidence of violence against women in politics. This section highlights news, interviews, resources and events on violence against women...


Political Parties

In a representative democracy, political parties function as a link between state institutions and local grassroots organizations. It is political parties that aggregate interests, present political...


The right to vote and the right to stand for election are two fundamental elements of democracy. Notably, many countries did not afford women the right to vote until the 20th Century. Even today,...