Meet Iceland's New Feminist, Environmentalist Prime Minister

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Meet Iceland's New Feminist, Environmentalist Prime Minister


Iceland chose its second woman prime minister, Katrin Jakobsdottir of the Left-Green Movement on Thursday.

Described as "charismatic" and "trustworthy", the 41-year old will now have to lead a tricky coalition in a fragmented political landscape, the leader also announced a pact to form a three-party coalition with the conservative Independence Party and the center-right Progressive Party. 

"It is important that we try to change the way we work together," she said as she announced the coalition. "This agreement strikes a new chord."

Jakobsdottir was born into a family of poets, prominent politicians and academics, went to the University of Iceland, later receiving her master's degree in Icelandic literature. She is married with three children. 

Referring to the 2008 financial collapse that devastated the country's economy, she said the government will focus on boosting its tourism to bring in the cash flow needed to fund programs like health and education.

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