USA: Women in the war room

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USA: Women in the war room

Across the country, female operatives are leading more campaigns, starting their own political consulting firms, taking the reins of Super PACs and controlling millions in independent expenditure dollars.

“I think it’s pretty easy to say it’s a male-dominated industry,” says Kelly Gibson, a Democratic media consultant with the Hamburger Company. “But there are these sort of little pockets that are just run by women. And probably every big race I’m on now, there’s a female on the consulting team.”

Top operatives suggest several potential reasons for the increase. For one, the proliferation of money, and therefore business opportunities for political consultants. It’s also partially the result of a deeper bench of female operatives who have risen through the ranks in recent cycles. Others surmise the influx is a byproduct of both parties focusing on female voters this year.


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