Costa Rica

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Interviews Interview
  Interview with Ms Agnes Francesci, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica during the 128th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly which took place March 22-27,...


Expert responses Resource
This consolidated response highlights some of the important aspects and examples of mainstreaming gender into legislative frameworks in the Americas. Some of these include the creation of national...


This Declaration, known as a pedagogic and debate work tool, is a proposal, in permanent construction, of the Declaration of Human Rights from a Gender Perspective, that integrates the progress...
Academic Paper / Article Resource
This document analyzes the changes in Latin America and the relationship between democratic governance and the reform of gender inequality practices. It provides two sections that evaluate the...


Interviews Interview
"In the game of politics, everyone thinks that they’re the best. So if you’ve got a reason to be there, you have to keep on progressing." -Epsy Campbell iKNOW Politics: Welcome, Epsy, and thank you...


International Agreement and Action Plans Resource
This Report evaluates the evolution of the Cairo Program of Action, and focuses on sexual and reproductive rights and sexual and reproductive health. It identifies and analyzes the normative progress...


Data and Statistics Resource
This report contains sections on the socio-political participation of women and provides statistical information on the evolution of applying gender equality policies.
Report / White Paper Resource
This paper analyzes the consideration of gender issues by political parties in Latin America and assesses circumstances under which political parties best incorporate gender demands.


Guide / Training Material Resource
This manual, specifically addressed to groups and individuals not well versed in legal matters, provides tools to human rights activists and defenders who investigate violence perpetrated against...


Case Study Resource
This case study documents the results of a workshop that brought together researchers and practitioners to collect country- and region-specific information on quota implementation and enforcement in...


Editorial / Opinion Piece / Blog Post Resource
In this document the author analyzes the legislation on political parties' electoral funding from a gender perspective in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil and Panama.  
Editorial / Opinion Piece / Blog Post Resource
The author reponds to the following questions: What laws have been adopted in Latin American countries regarding funding for women in politics? To what extent have these been adopted and what...