Russian Federation

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Report / White Paper Resource
This report analyzes Russia's compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). It examines Russia's implementation of each of the provisions...


Report / White Paper Resource
This report analyzes the current situation in Russia with regard to different forms of gender inequality. It identifies key policy areas towards achievement of the third Millennium Development Goal...


Website / Database Resource
KARAT is a regional coalition that works to ensure gender equality in the CEE/CIS countries, monitors the implementation of international agreements and lobbies for the needs and concerns of women in...


Academic Paper / Article Resource
This article discusses the implications of unequal political representation and participation of women and men in the Russian Federation. It also describes the importance of including gender issues...


Guide / Training Material Resource
This toolkit provides you with resources and ideas to help focus your efforts to fight domestic violence, sexual violence and trafficking and to give you a framework for action. It contains not only...


Report / White Paper Resource
This paper describes experiences of the CIS countries with integrating gender equality in national policies and budgets. It includes recommendations on improving gender analysis throughout national...