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Imagine being a woman who has lived in a stateless, militarised, and violent country for over two decades. Despite all the challenges that come with war you manage to survive and feed your family;...


Interviews Interview
NDI staff member Hodan Ahmed of Somalia talks about her experiences working with Somali women parliamentarians and civil society representatives to bring female's perspectives in policy making.   


Report / White Paper Resource
Despite the vital roles played by women in the democratisation and state-building processes, their male counterparts hardly recognise their role. Women have always had a strong stake in...


Report / White Paper Resource
Somali women are gradually exerting a real, positive influence in the current talks in Nairobi on the future of Somalia. Women in general are perceived more and more by observers of the international...


Case Study Resource
This case study looks at women's role in conflict resolution and peace building in Somalia. It gives an overview of women's sociopolitical status in recent Somali history and examines issues relating...


Report / White Paper Resource
This report seeks to broaden the scope of peace and conflict impact monitoring by highlighting issues of concern to women, and by showing how these issues may enrich the field. It also describes the...