Syrian Arab Republic

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The sudden collapse of the Tunisian regime in 2011 stimulated protests from Egypt to Yemen.  Some of these movements managed to topple regimes, while others lead to renewed social contracts....


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Women’s human rights discourse and movements have become entangled within a culture-versus-rights dualism. Yakin Ertürk argues that this is a false dualism which serves both private patriarchy and...


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One of the unmistakeable notes of euphoria during the 'Arab spring' uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia came from women proclaiming that they finally felt safe in public spaces in societies where the...


Conference of Syrian women, convened by UN Women and Netherlands, ends with strong recommendations for upcoming peace talks (Geneva, 14 January) A two-day meeting to support women's participation and...


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In partnership with the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria, Inclusive Security conducted a survey of 110 women living and working inside Syria. The resulting report shows they...


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As violence and warfare continue in Syria, Syrian women are paying a heavy price. It's time their voices are heard. (UNWOMEN)


This study is an attempt to examine the political system in Syria and identify the obstacles and challenges facing women's political empowerment.


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During the Arab uprisings, an unprecedented number of women took to the streets, paving the way for a more important role in politics. However, in the transitional period that follows, they now have...