IKNOW Politics Privacy Policy

The iKNOW Politics project and its Steering Committee members are committed to the privacy of users and members who visit and interact with the iKNOW Politics network via the Internet.


Member and user information such as names and e-mail addresses is used specifically by iKNOW Politics staff to send its newsletters and other materials for which the users and members have expressed their interest. Information submitted by iKNOW Politics members to register with myKNOW Politics is used for internal data collection purposes and the tagging of relevant materials and resources according to the member’s interests. iKNOW Politics staff collects data on a number of Web site visitors daily for reporting and Web site management purposes. iKNOW Politics staff tracks IP addresses and analyzes user logs on the Web site. Please note that this information is used strictly for internal purposes.


This privacy policy applies to the iKNOW Politics project Web site. Other Web sites linked to iKNOW Politics may have different privacy practices and thus we encourage users and members to check the suitability of other privacy policies/statements to their users’ and members’ standards and requirements. This privacy policy may be changed without a prior notice. It is the sole responsibility of users and members to regularly check the updates and changes in the policy on our Web site. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at connect@iknowpolitics.org.