Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership

While there have been important advances in women’s leadership in politics, as of November 1 2017, women make up only 7.2% of Heads of State and 6.2% Heads of Government. Data on women representatives in local government, including as mayors, heads of villages and towns, is not well collected and analyzed. The adoption of an SDG indicator on women’s representation in local government is a great step forward in tracking progress on gender balance, allowing for the systematic collection and analysis of data on women in local government. Women’s access to and continued role in leadership positions is challenged by a range of barriers, including discriminatory laws and practices, as well as social norms that prescribe traditional roles and attitudes towards women’s participation in leadership and decision-making roles. Proactive gender-equality policies within political parties and local government structures, including quotas and special temporary measures, gender-sensitive approaches to electoral processes, support networks, mentoring, training, and engagement of male champions, can all help promote women’s role in political leadership. 


Japanese city gets its first ever female politician
Misuzu Ikeda becomes first assemblywoman in Tarumizu as record numbers of women elected nationwide.Misuzu Ikeda has struck a rare blow for Japanese women in politics by becoming the first female...
Something is missing in the Israeli election: Women
A male-dominated electoral campaign has highlighted how easily women are kept to the side in Israeli politics.Politicians’ faces are everywhere. On billboards, on fliers, on television.This Israeli...
Japanese women see record election win, but parity remains slow
Women won just 10.4 percent of the seats up for grabs in Japan’s regional assembly races yet still recorded a record high, Kyodo News said, highlighting the slow pace of improvement for gender...
African women in politics: miles to go before parity is achieved
In the fight for gender equality, women around the world have advanced in small and large ways. Yet for women in Africa, progress is measured in micro steps, and the struggle has a long way to go.The...
WGBH News investigates gender diversity in local politics with ambitious digital...
More than 500. That’s how many phone calls and emails Laura Colarusso, WGBH News digital managing editor, and Emily Judem, digital producer, made to Massachusetts city and town governments to gather...
Some Americans still doubt women's emotional suitability for politics, acco...
The jam-packed 2020 Democratic presidential field includes six women, the largest-ever number of women to run for a party's presidential nomination. But a new study finds that some Americans still...
Twitter bot tracks abusive tweets against female politicians
Artificial intelligence is tracking the vile comments hurled at female Alberta politicians during the election campaign.“One of the major barriers that women face when they're thinking of running for...
Study: Women presidential candidates endure tougher coverage
Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand has drawn some harsh media coverage since launching her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in January – but in that, it seems she's part of a sisterhood.Women...
Trickle-down equality: More women in Congress means less sexism for staffers
Women in Congress have been getting attention recently for calling out casual sexism on the Hill — and female staffers say it’s making their jobs easier.California Rep. Katie Hill told...

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