List of National Action Plans for the implementation of UNSCR 1325

To date, there are 58 countries that have adopted a National Action Plan for the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security.

  1. Afghanistan’s National Action Plan 2015 -2022. Click here for the overview.
  2. Australia’s was launched in March 2012. For Australia's NAP Overview.  
  3. Austria's National Action Plan was launched on 8 August 2007, and revised in January 2012. For Austria's NAP Overview.
  4. Belgium's National Action Plan was launched on 8 May 2009. For Belgium's NAP Overview.
  5. Bosnia-Herzegovina's National Action Plan was launched in July 2010. 
  6. Burkina Faso's National Action Plan was launched in December 2012. 
  7. Burundi's National Action Plan was launched in August 2011. For Burundi's NAP Overview.
  8. Canada's National Action Plan was launched in October 2010. For Canada's NAP Overview.
  9. The Central African Republic's National Action Plan was launched in 2014. 
  10. Chile's National Action Plan was launched on 3 August 2009. For Chile's NAP Overview.
  11. Cote D'Ivoire's National Action Plan was launched in January 2007. For Cote D'Ivoire's NAP Overview.
  12. Croatia's National Action Plan was launched in 2011. For Croatia's NAP Overview.
  13. Democratic Republic of the Congo's National Action Plan was launched in June 2010. For The Democratic Republic of the Congo's NAP Overview.
  14. Denmark's National Action Plan was launched in June 2005, and revised in 2008. For Denmark's NAP Overview.
  15. Estonia's National Action Plan was launched in November 2010. For Estonia's NAP Overview.
  16. Finland's National Action Plan was launched on 19 September 2008, and revised in 2012. For Finland's NAP Overview.
  17. France's National Action Plan was launched in November 2010. For France's NAP Overview.
  18. Gambia's National Action Plan was launched in June 2014. For Gambia's NAP Overview
  19. Georgia's National Action Plan was launched in December 2011. For Georgia's NAP Overview.
  20. Germany's National Action Plan was launched on 19 December 2012. For Germany's NAP Overview.
  21. Ghana's National Action Plan was launched in October 2010. For Ghana's NAP Overview.
  22. Guinea's National Action Plan was launched in July 2011. For Guinea's NAP Overview.
  23. Guinea-Bissau's National Action Plan was launched in July 2011. For Guinea-Bissau's NAP Overview.
  24. Iceland's first National Action Plan was launched in March 2008, and updated in July 2013. 
  25. Indonesia's National Action Plan was launched in March 2014. For Indonesia's NAP Overview
  26. Iraq's National Action Plan was launched in February 2014. For Iraq's NAP Overview
  27. Ireland's National Action Plan was launched on 25 November 2011. For Ireland's NAP Overview. 
  28. Italy's National Plan Action was launched on 23 December 2010. For Italy's NAP Overview.
  29. Japan's National Action Plan was launched in September 2015. For Japan's NAP Overview
  30. The Republic of Korea's National Action Plan was launched in 2014. For the Republic of Korea's NAP Overview
  31. Kosovo's National Action Plan was launched in 2015. For Kosovo's NAP Overview
  32. Kyrgyz Republic's National Action Plan was launched in 2013. For Kyrgyzstan's NAP Overview.
  33. Liberia's National Action Plan was launched on 8 March 2009. For Liberia's NAP Overview.
  34. Lithuania's National Action Plan was launched on 28 December 2011. For Lithuania's NAP Overview.
  35. The Republic of Macedonia's National Action Plan was launched in January 2013. For The Republic of Macedonia's NAP Overview.
  36. Mali's National Action Plan was launched in March 2012. 
  37. Nepal's National Action Plan was launched in December 2011. For Nepal's NAP Overview.
  38. The Netherlands' National Action Plan was launched in December 2007, and updated in December 2011. For The Netherlands' NAP Overview.
  39. New Zealand's National Action Plan was launched in October 2015. For New Zealand's NAP Overview
  40. Nigeria's National Action Plan was launched in August 2013. For Nigeria's NAP Overview.
  41. Norway's National Action Plan was launched in March 2006, and followed by the Strategic Plan for 2011-2013For Norway's NAP Overview 2006. For Norway's NAP Overview 2011.
  42. Palestine's National Action Plan was launched in April 2015.
  43. Paraguay's National Action Plan was launched in December 2015. For Paraguay's NAP Overview
  44. Philippines' National Action Plan was launched in March 2010. For Philippines' NAP Overview.
  45. Portugal's National Action Plan was launched in August 2009. For Portugal's NAP Overview.
  46. Rwanda's National Action Plan was launched in May 2010. For Rwanda's NAP Overview.
  47. Senegal's National Action Plan was launched in May 2011. For Senegal's NAP Overview.
  48. Serbia's National Action Plan was launched in 2011. For Serbia's NAP Overview.
  49. Sierra Leone's National Action Plan was launched in March 2010. For Sierra Leone's NAP Overview.
  50. Slovenia's National Action Plan was launched as of July 2011. For Slovenia's NAP Overview.
  51. Spain's National Action Plan was launched in November 2007. For Spain's NAP Overview.
  52. Sweden's National Action Plan was launched in October 2006, and revised in 2009. For Sweden's NAP Overview.
  53. Switzerland's National Action Plan was launched in February 2007, and revised in October 2010. For Switzerland's NAP Overview.
  54. Tajikistan's National Action Plan was launched in 2014 but has not been made public yet. Look out for updates here
  55. Togo's National Action Plan was launched in 2011. 
  56. Uganda's National Action Plan was launched in December 2008. For Uganda's NAP Overview.
  57. The United Kingdom's National Action Plan was launched in November 2011, and revised in February 2012. For The United Kingdom's NAP Overview.
  58. The United States of America's National Action Plan was launched in December 2011. For The United States of America's NAP Overview.



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