Germany: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel won a second term in office on Sunday, telling Germans: "I'm very happy tonight." Born Angela Kasner in Hamburg in 1954, she moved with her family to East Germany when she was only a toddler after her father, a Protestant pastor, was offered a job in the state of Brandenburg, north of Berlin. She grew up in the town of Templin, in the Uckermark region with its lakes and rolling hills.
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ValiantForce's picture

Since I live in Germany I'm somewhat unsure if I should welcome this election result or not. Merkel's party, CDU, has actually lost quite some percentage but has gained a strong coalition partner with the FDP, with their best nationwide result ever (~ 14%). Financially speaking, I think this coalition may be helpful as the FDP has always focused on economics and market security. Maybe just what's needed in these uncertain economic times.

~ Energy flows where attention goes.