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It's here! The brand new International Knowledge network of Women in Politics website!

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Dear iKNOW Politics Member,

We are excited to share some iKNOW Politics news with you.


Our New Mobile responsive website

iKNOW Politics is very proud to announce that our platform has a new look. The mobile responsive website has more photos, videos, interviews and stories focusing on women’s leadership and political participation.  We invite you to check out our library, opinion pieces from our dedicated contributors and connect with 10.000 members and experts.

Explore the new iKNOW Politics website.


Tell us what you think

We are an interactive network dedicated to increasing women’s political participation. As such your feedback is helping us identify and prioritize what we’re going to work on next. Have feedback? Please let us know.

Online discussion on Beijing+20

You are also invited to participate in an online discussion on Beijing+20 , organized by iKNOW Politics.  We invite all members to join in the discussion and share experiences and ideas. We would like to hear your thoughts on what it will take to finally make the vision of Beijing a reality. Visit this link to contribute!


Best Regards,

iKNOW Politics