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Women March for Climate Change

Submitted by iKNOW Politics on

By Mariana Jardim Andrade Leones


Last Sunday, September 21st,2014 More than 400,000 people showed up in the streets of New York to call for action on climate change. According to the event planners it was the largest march for climate justice in history.

Several different groups jopined the march : diffrent, religions, races, ethnicities etc. But the most expressive participation was that of the women. There was a huge turnout of women in the event - young and elder alike.

The women’s participation in the march was just a sample of the increasing participation of women in rallying for global issues. Women are becomingmuch more engaged in politics. This have become evident across the globe and one main attestment to that would be the prominent role as leaders and supporters in the Middle East in the recent years. Women were shown in the news as active participants in the Arab Spring, in Libya and Egypt.

 Such facts are evidence of the interest and the importance of women’s participation in political affairs and the necessity to guarantee a space for women in politics.