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Call for Applications: Experts on Youth, Democratic Governance and Participation



Call for Applications: Experts on Youth, Democratic Governance and Participation

One of UNDP’s Youth Strategy key aims is to strengthen youth civic engagement and participation in decision making and political processes and institutions (Youth Strategy Outcome 2). When young men and women understand their rights, they can become empowered to engage in civil society, public service and politics at all levels. They need to know the channels through which they may exercise their civil and political rights and contribute to decision-making processes that impact their lives. Channels for engagement include, for example, formal political processes such as youth advisory boards at local level, youth parliaments or shadow councils at national level, and engagement with United Nations processes at the global level. Other entry points include volunteerism, access to civil service institutions, initiatives for transparency and accountability, promotion of human rights, access to information, legal reform, support to governance of youth organizations, movements and networks, data collection and analysis, policy review and the use of social media. 

To support the implementation of Outcome 2 of UNDP’s Youth Strategy, the organization will back its in-house expertise with a roster of external experts who can provide demand-driven advisory and technical services, to build capacities, develop and share research and knowledge, and advocate on these issues. 

Only the applicants who pass all screening procedures will be included in the roster and recommended for consultancy assignments. Please note that inclusion in the roster does not guarantee a consultancy with UNDP.

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