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Twitter chat on women in the Slovenian Elections



Twitter chat on women in the Slovenian Elections


Twitter Chat with iKNOW Politics expert Sonia Lokar on women’s political participation during the electoral process and elections taking place July 13 in Slovenia.


Host:  @iKNOW_Politics

Guest: Twitter name Sonia Lokar   @CEEGENDERNET

Time: Monday July 7 from 3-5 pm Slovenia time  (9-11am EST)

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Slovenia has a 35% quota for less represented sex in the law for this election, the system is proportional, but the candidates are running in one mandate circumscriptions. So the main fight for the women candidates is in the parties to get a circumscription with high support to their party. New parties have a problem to guess where they have the highest support, so nobody can really predict how many of their women candidates have the chance to get elected, while established parties , like conservative right Slovene Democratic Party, Social Democrats, Pensioners' party, People's party and New Slovenia  know exactly which are their strongholds. In this moment Slovenia has 33% of women MPs, but nobody can predict how many will be elected this time. Social Democrats for example have placed 5 women candidates in their strongest circumscriptions and if this party gets 15 places in the new parliament they will all  be elected, but if the number of elected is below 10, it might happen than not one of the SD  women candidates is elected. “Sonia Lokar

Want to know more about women’s representation and upcoming elections in Slovenia? Ask the expert Sonia Lokar ! She will respond to all your questions in the Twitterchat #electionsSlovenia  

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Interview with Sonja Lokar on women's political participation in Slovenia